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The core of our Vision is to see God's Spirit Flooding the Earth.

The River, it WILL FLOOD:                      

We are in a day when the River of God will flood the Earth. Yes it is true. Yes, and what does this mean?  This means that


He is raining His Spirit down on the Earth!!!


Many many many are afraid of the flood that results. The flooding of His river. What will it mean for them? What will it mean for you?  Normally, a natural flood consumes your home, your life, your loved ones....  Yet in the Spirit - in the Spirit of God - this flood is everything good that can come from a flood - a spiritual flooding of GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT, that is.


It has been promised and prophesied that this flooding will come. And those that are hungry and thirsty for God's Spirit will stand with joy as they drink the raindrops as they fall - straight from Heaven Above!


Others will run and be afraid, and yet, it has been promised that God's Spirit will flood the Earth - reaching all of mankind, in every dry place and high place that they will hide. This meeting - this over-taking flooding - will be a fulfillment of the GREAT COMMISSION.


And we have found that the flooding of God's Spirit is the MOST JOYOUS EXPERIENCE AVAILABLE TO MAN. Not, I repeat, NOT - something to be feared - but rather something to relish.


When His fllooding river overtakes us - we lose ourselves in Him and it is a good thing - a wonderful and AWESOME thing - to have His Spirit take you over. For we ourselves in the natural state are full of sin and strife and trouble. But to be overcome by Him is to become full of Him - and then to be a vessel carrying His goodness and LIFE to everyone around us - so that they may drink and LIVE.


When we TOTALLY open our hearts to Him - the current of the River of God can carry us and take us to the places He wants us to go - purifying us, cleansing us, and forming us to be what He wants.  The result is an earthen vessel that can be used for exactly what HE WANTS.


That is fulfilling the GREAT COMMISSION - for then it is that we can do and be the missionaries that He has designed us all to be.





~Message from Sandi Sawyerr~


In 1997 and 1998, I  went through a time of intense worship and intercession. I had started to get lost in God's River in 1995 while being exposed to the Toronto Blessing. Then, later, I went through some intense changes.  I must admit that most of this actually happened while leading and participating in the ICQ TABERNACLE TIMES - which basically was online intense, real (!) worship and intercession - REAL AND TRUE COMMUNION with the Lord Jesus Himself.


I remember many times, over and over and over, giving myself to Him; asking Him to use me, to kill off the flesh and everything that was NOT of Him. And giving myself OVER AND OVER AND OVER to Him. It is painful to lose the flesh. And that's not to say that I havn't gained some "flesh" back. But at any rate - in 2000, we had our 1st year of SVR summer camp - and I - as a result - was invited to Africa to minister.  I have to admit that inititially I wasn't sure why God was sending me to Africa.  However, it turned out to be a mission work that I did not expect.  God blew the roof off of my vision - expanding it and showing me more than I had ever dared to dream before.  And it, too, was REAL.


So with that, the Lord has blown the roof off my world, and off my VISION FOR MINISTRY.





THE NEW VISION:         

~Message from Sandi Sawyerr~


I know the Lord has told me I have a Joseph Annointing.  What does this mean? I feel it means I am to rise above the expectations of my family and in the end, help Ghana get out of poverty. It is a big vision. But with God, all things are possible.


With this vision - We at SVR Ministries will move forward. We want to help Ghana - a hidden treasure, undiscovered. Beautiful people with even more beautiful hearts, shining and reaching out to us Americans - waiting for us to come.


We have several projects in varying stages that contribute to this vision:




  • Get better technology and computers over there to help them get out of their economic slump.
  • Interaction with Americans to help them be discovered for what and who they ( the Ghanaians) really are.
  • Bringing tourism dollars to Africa to boost the economy.  We are currently developing a business plan to do just that.    Read More.
  • Dispelling the myths that we often have already in our minds of Africa - so that more Americans can venture over there and discover the treasure awaiting them.
  • Sharing the love of JESUS with the Ghanaians and help to dispel their myths that their traditional ways and idolotry are "OK" to mix with their Christianity.  No, it is not ok to mix them.



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Contact info:

Sandi Sawyerr

SVR Ministries

1320 Glacier Hill Dr.

Madison Wisconsin   USA  53704




in Africa:

Pastor Paul Dickens Doe

Tema Ghana West Africa

(233) 244 801 921   (cell)

(233) 28 207 860


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