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  • Support Services to African Ministries   ( 1 Article )
    One of our main activities is to provide support services to African ministries. Oftentimes, having a contact in the States can make a huge difference.
  • Internet Ministries   ( 2 Articles )

    I really believe the Internet is a POWERFUL TOOL to reach people for Christ - and also to meet people, network, and to find resources to help us grow as Christians. Below you will find some of the Internet Ministries that I either contribute towards, or that I strongly admire. -Sandi Sawyerr


  • Full Circle Ministries, Intl.   ( 1 Article )

    Full Circle Ministries, Intl. (FCMI) is located in Madison, Wisc. They have three main areas of ministry: (1) A church/fellowship, currently meeting at various homes of the members. (2) Homeless ministries in Madison, Wis. (3) India Missions and orphanages. FIND OUT MORE...www.FullCircleMin.org

  • True Love Waits   ( 3 Articles )

    Our True Love Waits program is geared towards promoting purity in our youth. We offer classes, resources, counseling and promotion of the the True Love Waits concept. We are currently building an free online TLW course. Please call or email us for more info.


  • The Jesus Cares Network   ( 1 Article )

    The Jesus Cares Network is a project where we strive to connect organizations and individuals with 3rd world ministries that are in need of financial and material support. We are building a database-driven website that will allow Sponsors and Recipients to log in and participate in the project.  Find Out More.... 

  • Economic Development Projects   ( 5 Articles )
    One of our biggest projects is to aid in economical development in third world countries.  Most of our projects are in Ghana, West Africa.  We do all we do in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We freely give  encouragement, financial and material assistance, and jobs in hopes to give recipients a "leg-up".